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celticancestry's Journal

Celtic Ancestry
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Studying and Celebrating Celtic Ancestry
A Place to share stories and history about your Celtic family history.

This site was originally intended as a personal desire for me to find more information on my family as i'm sure some of us may not feel connected with our roots or feel distant somehow. i'm sure i'm not the only one that feels this way either.

you're free to join and post but inflammatory posts, grudge posts, insulting posts are not tolerated and will get the post removed and the poster: 1. warned 2. banned. though i know that those of us with Celtic heritage sometimes have fiery passions, we're here to learn mainly so, let's save the fiery and passionate conversations civil.

also, you don't have to have celtic ancestry to join, even people whom are interested in knowing more about the families and clans are welcomed, but let's try and keep it relatively on topic.